Why You Might Want To Consider Mobile Workforce Management Software

If you have a large company, and you would like to use software that can help you improve your business, using mobile workforce management software might be exactly what you need. This is software that is designed to take advantage of modern technology that is available. It can help you control every aspect of your company. It can help you with payroll, job costs, expense tracking, and time and attendance of your employees. Some of them use facial recognition software, and also automate rule-based activities, plus it makes scheduling simpler than ever before. There is a company by the name of TimeTrex that you may want to consider working with if this type of software is something that you would like to invest in.

What Does This Software Do?

This type of software is going to provide you with several different options. First of all, it can help you with time and attendance. It can help you track when your employees come in, when they leave, and even the amount of time they are spending on particular projects. If employees would like to take days off, or schedule a vacation, this software can also provide you with that type of help. Payroll and HRM functionality is also built-in. It can also help you with recruiting new employees to your company. Job costing and expenses can be a very difficult thing to manage, but using this software will make it easy. The software offered by TimeTrex is state-of-the-art. Here are a few of the highlighted features that motivate many people to purchase this software.

Best Features Of TimeTrex Workforce Software

Some of the best features include the facial recognition time clocks. Although this was once a thing that was seen in movies, it is now way real feature that you can provide at your company. You can transform your Apple phone, or your android phone into a sophisticated biometric facial recognition device. It’s going to eliminate buddy punching and help you keep track of your employees very easily. It also offers rule based time and attendance technology. For example, there are certain employees that will have access to certain areas of your facility, or even on the computer, and this can be programmed and automatically. It can also help with automating calculations related to premiums, over time, and accruals. There is even a section where you can enter in multiple pay rates. In addition to all of this, the scheduling and leave management component will make scheduling shifts and vacations very easy. Payroll will also be extremely easy to accomplish, and all of this will come with customizable reporting.

If you have not implemented mobile workforce management software yet, you should consider using what is available from TimeTrex. This is a business that is out the cutting edge of this type of technology, and they are constantly upgrading their software on a regular basis. If you would like to move directly into the 21st century with your business, contact TimeTrex today to talk about the mobile workforce management software that they currently have available.